The Revealing Module Pattern plus a Beginners Mistake

Having presented my Senior Project – Hive Learning Management System – to the powers that be (random people who bothered to stop by my convention booth) and about to graduate from Brigham Young University Idaho in less than a week, I was less than thrilled to realize I made a major beginners mistake in all of the JavaScript self revealing modules for Hive. Please read this article to find out what the revealing module pattern is all about and how you can avoid my annoying and time consuming mistake.

Trusting user input in PHP’s chmod: decimal vs. octal

The PHP manual on chmod has a subtle little warning about providing a decimal number instead of an octal when calling the chmod function:

Mode is not automatically assumed to be an octal value, so to ensure the expected operation, you need to prefix mode with a zero (0).

So what does this warning really mean and more importantly what is a programmer to do when allowing users to input the mode themselves? Besides shouting out never allow the user to do this! and calling it case closed, I would like to show you what you can do to solve this problem and a legitimate reason why you might use this solution in your application.

LMS Weekly Update: May 22 – 26

June Fools! If that was a thing I’m totally pulling it off. I was going to provide another double update this week for missing last week but then I decided why not catch up a day before the next update is due? It was just a lucky coincidence that it happened to be the first of the month. For a break down of this weeks time please refer to the Time Card (22-26).

Is that a URL, URI, or URN?

Today I learned that I have been using the term URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) incorrectly. Apparently so many people misuse the acronyms URL, URI, and URL that there is entire blog posts out there trying to clear up the confusion.

A Unique Identifier Hash for Hive LMS

So I got distracted but in a good way. I realized as I was coding up the login system for the LMS Project that I’m going to need some kind of ID (unique identifier hashing) for Hive and almost four hours later I have a working but extremely broken YouTube-esque unique identifier hashing algorithm.

Senior Project Proposal: Learning Management System

This proposal is in response to the registration and approval requirements of Brigham Young University – Idaho’s Computer Information Technology Senior Project (CIT 490). It was officially approved by Kory Godfrey 21 April 2017. To view updates and track progress please visit the LMS Project category.


Learning Management System Student Survey

This survey is meant only for students, faculty, and invited individuals from Brigham Young University Idaho.

I am conducting preliminary research into Learning Management Systems (LMS) and how students and faculty who have used LMS’s feel about their various features and ease-of-use. If you have not used at least one LMS listed in this survey please do not take this survey.

Testing Grounds

This is a testing grounds post where we can try out new features and test settings for Caboodle Tech’s Blog. There really is nothing for you to see here.

BYUI Mentor Group Test

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This is a test post meant to allow users of the BYUI Mentors group on the Caboodle Tech Blog (CTB) to check that their permissions are working correctly. All visitors to this site should be able to read this and view the square BYUI logo but only logged in registered users of the BYUI Mentors group should see the double BYUI logo and message below.